Scottish Country Dancing

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What is Scottish Country Dance?

In Scotland, the Country Dance probably began early in the eighteenth century. It is a social dance, danced by a group of couples. The couples are positioned adjacent to each other in two parallel lines, the gentlemen facing the ladies. The Country Dance is composed of a series of formations. These formations are performed in a different sequence for each different dance. 

To learn more about Scottish Country Dancing, The Manual of Scottish Country Dancing, published by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, copyright 1992 is an excellent resource.

Bloomington Scottish Country Dance Group

The Scottish Country Dance group meets most Monday evenings from 6:30 until 8:00 pm at First Presbyterian Church, on the corner of 6th and Lincoln in Bloomington. Our instructor is Ms. Nancy Foxworthy. On the third Monday of the month, there is NO practice due to the regular monthly meeting of the Scottish Society of Greater Bloomington.

You do not need to have a kilt or any other special attire to dance. (Though it is easier on the feet if you have ballet slippers or ghillies for dancing, but neither are necessary.)

You do not need to bring your own partner. (Though we are always looking for a few more gentlemen, and the more the merrier.)

The group does demonstrations at College Mall on Tartan Day. They are regular performers at the Scottish Society of Greater Bloomington Burns Supper and the Columbus Scottish Festival. The group has also performed at the Indianapolis International Festival. We are always looking for other opportunities to perform and educate.

Although the group is an independent organization, it is closely allied with the Scottish Society of Greater Bloomington.

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